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A portrait of ScottyDM, taken in the spring of 2011.

I'm ScottyDM and this is my personal web site. This site is still very much under construction, and there are not many links back into the contents of this site from the home page (yet).

I'm creating this site backwards, that is the content first, then the links from the home page. Unfortunately, I have lots of projects I'm involved in and nothing is really publicly available at this time. I've been working on some other websites, creating 3D objects, writing a story, and other projects. Details can be found on the Links page.

The next project for this site will be some Verilog code for state machines which mimic phase-locked loops, and a design for a simple "numerically controlled oscillator" set up as a divide-by-anything circuit.

What's New

2012-Nov-11 Tweaked home page. Created a landing page for the survey for INOV 2010.

2008-Feb-10 Did a complete recoding of some some password protected pages and thought I might as well push the changes out to the visible part of the site. Haven't done contact me, so those pages will still look a bit ugly. Low priority.

2005-Jul-14 Brand shiny new Contact Me pages. I've been working steadily at this since the evening of the 8th. I had to really understand PHP scripts to make this work, learn how to do HTML forms, and pick up bit more JavaScript. Part of the challenge was understanding the interaction between the server's OS, the web service, the e-mail service, and the user's browser and OS. Plus I've converted the site over to vaildate to XHTML 1 transitional, polished up the navigation and basically tightened up all the files. Oh yea, I added a 'favicon' too. Bully!

2005-Jul-07 Recoded web site for cleaner CSS, wider pages, and added PHP. Now all I need is some content.

2005-Feb-06 Started keeping "What's New" history. Added Web Sites page; changed Home and Links pages; and updated the navigation bar on all pages.