Some Of My Other Websites

I host Virtual Reality (VR) worlds on the Internet and create models for VR worlds. Both efforts share a common home page at The Frobozz Magic Internet Companies. Where you can find several pages about Internet based VR using technology from the ActiveWorlds Corporation.

Of course I have a VR world. I call it SkunkWks. SkunkWks turned six years old on March 28th, 2006 and is in its seventh year. Besides having a fair number of pages detailing the creation of SkunkWks and its objects, I keep my stories on the site.

On May 10th of 2006 I launched a new website called Anthrofiction Network. It is a place, "For writers and the readers who love them." Anthrofiction uses anthropomorphic characters in at least one important role, and good anthrofiction is about the characters.

I have a few other sites, but they are still under development.

Family Websites

My wife Arlene has a web site she calls Aspen Glory. She has several sub-domain sites under which you can link to via the main web site.

Our daughter Tiffany also has a cluster of web sites under the domain name Dead Raccoon. Most notably, she has started a t-shirt business under the name Dead Raccoon Enterprises. She also has some of her artwork published at Yerf :: Tiffany Miller.

Web Sites I've Designed for Others

I designed a site for Perry Davis, a sculptor and a gemologist. He creates sculptures from gemstone materials and calls his site Gemstone Sculpture. He’s done some amazing work and the site contains many stunning photographs. You should go and see it.

I am offering website design as a service. In level of sophistication from most to least: Anthrofiction Network (dynamic page generation with time-dependent morphic pages and navigation), Gemstone Sculpture (page generation from data files and a bit of Java Script), The Frobozz Magic Internet Companies (static pages and a touch of Java Script), and ScottyDM (static pages).

Friends and Associates

We use NetWin’s SurgeMail for our SMTP server software, it’s easy to manage stops spam and works great!