Greets, Peeps!

Designing a Chip, 2002I'm Scotty and I love high tech. In my former life I designed disk drives and computer chips. Because of the post 9-11 economic downturn I was forced out of the industry.

Starting School, 2011So I am now a full time student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. And I'm having a blast.

But I need your help. In my Teams Building class this fall semester, a group of us are working with a real client who wishes to asses the electronics recycling landscape. What's happening and who's making it happen. My role is to discover existing practices and attitudes about recycling electronic devices. To that end I've devised a brief survey.

The team: James, Pat, James, me, ThomasI can't let these guys down, and so it'd be fantastic if you could take my survey. After a page to determine eligibility*, there are 6 questions about how your household disposes of or recycles electronic devices.

I need 800 survey responses by the 25th of November 2012.

Thanks a million for your help. And please pass the URL of this intro page on to your friends.


PS: Head-banger fox wanted me to remind you that the survey is here (but you knew that).

* Must be a resident of the United States and not professionally involved in recycling electronic devices.