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I'm now managing the ActiveWorlds Webring, a ring with a focus. Here you will discover what sort of web sites and web pages will be welcomed in this web ring. Instructions on how to actually join the ring can be found at the bottom of this page.

ActiveWorlds is an online Virtual Reality system. The software is currently being developed and sold by the ActiveWorlds, Corporation. There are many solservers, "galaxies" and "universes" which use this software, not just the "universe" called ActiveWorlds. For the curious, I maintain a short list of a few public "universes".

Note; for simplicity's sake, I'll lump solservers, "galaxies" and "universes" together, and from now on refer to them collectively as "universes", or singly as "universe".

The Goals & Focus Of This Web Ring

The goals of this web ring are: To serve the webmasters of the member rings by promoting their web sites. And to serve site visitors who are interested in ActiveWorlds by bringing together a collection of web sites dealing with the subject.

The focus of this web ring is ActiveWorlds community, resources, information, and advocacy.

Site Selection Rules

The Primary Rule: To be included in the ActiveWorlds Webring a site must have something to do with ActiveWorlds.

The Secondary Rule: As the focus of the ActiveWorlds Webring includes advocacy, sites that exist only to mock, teardown, belittle, or criticize ActiveWorlds as a whole, will not be included.

Additionally, the Webring system requires that you display the link code given to you on your web site.

The Selection Process

In applying the primary rule to determine if a web site qualifies for inclusion in the ActiveWorlds Webring, I will think of potential members as either first-tier or second-tier. This distinction is both for my convenience in making a decision and to clearly articulate to others (should it become necessary) why a particular decision was made. Other than use in the decision making process, there is no practical difference between a first-tier and second-tier member once your site has been accepted in the web ring.

A First-Tier Web Site

Will be one with some sort of direct bearing on the subject of ActiveWorlds. I'm sure I've not thought of everything, but here are a few possible examples of such sites:

A Second-Tier Web Site

Is one that, while not directly involved with the subject of ActiveWorlds, it will contain subject matter that practitioners and proponents of ActiveWorlds will find interesting. Here are a few examples:

If I find it necessary to consider invoking the secondary rule to exclude a web site, I will keep in mind that we all have our rants about stupid management, unfair fee increases, mean people, vandals, object thieves, etc. All of this (unfortunately) seems to be a part of being involved with ActiveWorlds. I believe we can be pro-ActiveWorlds and anti-stupid people at the same time.

Other Considerations

If I find it necessary to reject a site, I will give a specific reason, and may even suggest a change that would allow your site to be included. However, the following criteria will not be used to judge sites:

How To Join This Web Ring

You need to follow these steps:

  1. If you do not already have one, get a Webring ID.
  2. Log in using that ID.
  3. Once you're logged in, submit your site for review.

If you have problems, there are some very good help pages here.

Thank You

...and welcome to the ActiveWorlds Webring.

ScottyDM—web ring manager